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For more information about me, or if you wish to hire me, please feel free to contact me at, or through Sovereign Talent Group LA 310-474-4000.

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About CC McKenna


Finding the right actor for a role can be a tough challenge. If your project needs a versatile and efficient actor in LA, I may be the right choice. I have worked on a series of projects of different scales over the years and have ample experience in the field.

Versatile Male Actor Based in Los Angeles

There is no shortage of actors in Los Angeles, but many are limited in what they can do, and which projects they can take up. I have spent years sharpening my skills. I can be a humorous sidekick, stern police officer, deadly FBI agent, or a nasty villain.

An actor needs to have varied skills to fit into different types of roles. I cannot play the role of a music producer effectively if I do not understand music well. That is why I have dedicated my life to developing a wide range of skills in order to further my acting career. Some of these skills include:

  • Multiple dialects including British, Southern, New York
  • Sports, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Horse riding
  • Weapons training
  • Motorcycle
  • Firearms training
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Drums and percussion
  • Vocalist

I continue to accumulate different talents to help improve my range as an actor.


  • AA Degree in Music Theory
  • AA Degree in Physics
  • MA Degree in Metaphysics / Esoteric Studies

Acting Projects / Films

While formal education in the field can help actors develop a strong foundation in acting, it doesn't necessarily give them a strong presence on the screen. That requires more hands-on experience. I have never hesitated to take on projects of all sizes, as I know that every experience on set helps me polish my skills.

Some of my most recent projects include:

  • Dipsticks – I worked on this project with director and actor Max Blanc, Hannah Rose Lowe, and AJ Munoz. It was a heist story involving four people and was shot in my hometown of Redondo Beach. We wrapped up that project in July of 2019 and had the satisfaction of knowing that it made people laugh. I played the role of Wilbur with great enthusiasm and would welcome the opportunity of working with the crew once again.

  • Going Up – Going Up is a story about a young bellhop trying to find a better life for himself. He has been working in the 1940s service industry, which isn't rewarding and can be very stressful. I played the role of Clyde and worked with Kyle Dancy and the project was shot in Culver City. We wrapped it up in April of 2019 and have loved seeing the unique story come alive on the screen.

  • AutoBiography – LA actors rarely get the opportunity to work on interesting television series that suit their interests perfectly. I love cars and AutoBiography is a series exploring different cars and their history. I was the host and guest expert in several episodes of the program.

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