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About CC McKenna

Music Producer

Heavy Metal / Hard Rock Producer

Finding the right LA producer for a project can be challenging. There are many types of producers and you need someone that will fit your project requirements effectively. I can handle all six stages of music production easily and they include:

  • Songwriting – Songwriting is an interesting process that requires a lot of effort and creativity. It is difficult to come up with something unique that fits a particular theme. LA music producers often work with a team of songwriters to come up with unique and impactful lyrics. As a writer, I have some experience in the field and an innate creative drive that helps me develop something unique.

  • Arranging – Most music requires careful arrangement to sound interesting. As music producers in LA, we choose the instruments and their placement in a piece wisely to make the song sound unique. If the piece isn't arranged well, it can sound dull and repetitive.

  • Tracking – Tracking is the process of capturing performance, which means recording vocals and instrumentals. This process requires careful monitoring to ensure all samples collected are suitable for the final piece.

  • Editing – I consider digital editing an important aspect of production. Editing can help remove mistakes, improve overall music quality, and ensure everything sounds seamless. An experienced producer can easily identify errors or characteristics that sound out of place.

  • Mixing – Once we have recorded all instrumental samples, it is time to mix them. Mixing produces a coherent track that sounds great and conveys the right meaning. It is one of my favorite things to do as mixing is always a great deal of fun.

  • Mastering – Mastering is the final part of the mixing process. It involves combining all the tracks, removing any issues, and making sure the music sounds polished.

This is a traditional approach to music production in LA, but it works. I have created several appealing and impactful tracks over the years for film and TV projects. Whether you need an interesting background score or are looking for a jingle for your ad, I can help. Music has always been a passion of mine and I love to work professionally in the field. I can provide samples of some of my work to showcase the full extent of my skills in TV, film, and music production.

If you want to know more and wish to discuss a project, don't hesitate to reach out to me. You can use my website to get in touch.

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